A view of it all

A view of it all

We “stole” (hence the name heist) this recipe from MartinsWest’s Nova cocktail. We sat and watched them make it 3 times before we figured out the ratios. Now we call it our own. Thanks guys!

2 oz Bourbon (preferably Balcones Texas Whiskey)
1 oz Ginger juice†
1 oz Lemon juice
1 oz Luxardo
10 dps Chocolate bitters
1 black cherry on a spear (more than a garnish)

Mix all liquid ingredients into a shaker or pitcher adding a 3-4 big ice cubes, or handful of crushed ice. Stir vigorously and consistently until well chilled (about 30-45 sec). Strain into a tumbler or collins glass (stir the drink with the speared cherry).

†Ginger Juice
1 palm size ginger root
8-12 oz Water (depends on how gingery you want it/fits into a container afterwards)
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1 Sieve
1 container or jar

Peel/Shave off the skin of the ginger root, then cut the pieces down to small chunks. Place pieces into a blender, add water, add sugar. Blend concoction until you can’t see chunks of ginger (1 min+). Taste to make sure you don’t need more sugar.

Pour contents of blender through a sieve and into the container. Be careful and strain out just the juice. Chill juice before using in cocktails.

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The T.H.E. (Triple Heist Elite)


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