For the love of gear...

Sync-Gen II software (Logic Pro)

For all those who sync,

I’ve sung the praises of Innerclock Systems before, and I’ll sing them again. However, now that I have setup my studio again (in my new office), I’ve had a chance to install and set up the newest version of the device and software.

What makes this release better (more advanced – easier to use) is that it allows the user to plug in the Sync-Lock box hardware to the appropriate outputs (channels 3(clock) + 4(start/stop)) on your daw audio device and select the Sync-Gen II as an instrument (with the outputs set to 3 + 4), viola!

However, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to how you decide to insert the Sync-Gen II plugin!!! It must be inserted as a AU Instrument only!!!

I made the mistake of selecting it as a MIDI-Controlled Effect and was not able to get the Sync-Gen II to send a signal to the hardware. See pix for a visual description.

Anywho, I know this is a user-based error, but one that could be easily be made if you’re in a hurry to sync your TR’s or TB’s or whatevers. Cheers to Dave Lackey over at Innerclock for being patient with me and even double checking to see if the software wasn’t at fault… But that’s how awesome the people at Innerclock are, they stand by their stuff and were willing to help me out 🙂


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