Recipes for Resurrections // Appetites for Destruction

The Scheyer Tamales

This recipe was given to me by a co-worker, Brian Scheyer. Pretty easy and yummy to say the least. That’s why I have included it into the archives of good eats!

# 1 secret: soak the corn husks overnight, if not they are hard to roll and will break.

#2 secret is to use a good virgin olive oil instead of lard or vegetable oil to mix with the masa mix.

For the filling, mix 4 things:

1. a little enchilada sauce

2. Two kinds of cheese. both mexican. A soft Oaxacan cheese and a saltier more hard Cotija cheese

3. either diced green chilies or nopalitos (cactus)
HINT: if you buy a can of green chilies it usually comes in chili water to keep it fresh. pour a little of it into your masa mix

4. your meat. i prefer a meat that is more pulled than chopped or diced
whats really good here is to buy a rotisserie from the store. its already been seasoned and cooked and you can just pull it apart and throw it in.

All 4 of these ingredients should be mixed together in a bowl. Amounts of each dependent on your taste it becomes a more cohesive mixture this way and to be honest its easier to spread on the masa.

Before rolling as for cooking instructions, you can just do a search for tamale recipes. pretty much all the same but this is how i deal with the ingredients.

A big stock pot with a steamer insert will save you hours of time!


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