For the love of gear...

My life as an Droid (SIC)

Well after a good 2 year run as an Apple acolyte, I’ve made the switch to Google’s Android, on the count of my dissatisfaction with AT&T.

Let me day it wasn’t easy. I had grown addicted to all my apps, gestures, flicks, and quirks. Though I was not by any means a power user nor apple novice, I was comfortable, complacent even. But I embrace change, especially when its for efficiency, performance and aesthetics. Which is what inevitably led me to the HTC Incredible on Verizon.

More in a bit.

Ok. So now that explained my reasoning for the switch, I can talk about how I am really enjoying this Droid life. First off the screen is gloriously bright and crisp. Find myself squinting at the brightness of the screen in sunny conditions. So now the brightness is set to super low which is great for battery life!

The vibration feedback on screen tapping is also very nice as it gives me confirmation that I am tangible doing something. The optical tractable is also nice feature, albeit a little cumbersome, but something I am sure I willed used to. It allows for more accurate text selection.

The volume levels are also quite loud! I sort of miss the governor on my iPhone. I hope to find a work around.

More to come.


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