For the love of gear...

Innerclock Systems Sync-Lock


Ok about last year when I got my TB-303 and SH-101 I realized that when I tried to have them sync up and recorded in Logic 8, I noticed that the timing was starting to drift after several bars.  At first I thought it was the old tech of the TB-303 and that the syncing just “drifted.”  It was a major annoyance because this meant that in order to do a 5min acid squelch-a-thon I’d have to spend 5hours in post trying to get it to sync-up with the beats.

Well after some ennui-inspired “research” on the internet, I stumbled upon a link that described a similar situation.  This was tremendous! I was not alone in thinking that my analog gear seemed to be out of sync with my digital gear! Enter the Innerclock Systems Sync-Lock.

I bought mine from (since I am in the USA).  Dave down in Oz is the man that conceived this product and seems like a stand up guy (he personally called me up to help me setup my Sync-Lock after I had experienced some user error).

Anywho, this is an unboxing of the device.

Unbox 1

Unbox 2

Unbox 3


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